Web Services

The most important part of any website journey is the user.

Understanding who your target audience is, engaging with them and compelling them to make contact with you. It isn’t about the number of ‘hits’ to a site (although this can be a useful metric), it is about how many emails and actual meaningful contacts you get from the site.

I will assist you in this important part of web development; not just design the site but build it so that you can attract users.

The Process
Contact Me

Send me an email or call me (07914-536621); we can have an initial discussion as to your requirements and the sorts of designs you prefer.


We meet face to face or via Zoom (or similar platform) and then we can chat about what you’re looking for, including discussing what’s possible and what works.

Build Prototype

I build the prototype, keeping you involved at all stages and may work with others (agreed with yourself) to create the perfect result.

Review website

We agree and sign off the build, the SEO and Social Media if included.


Portfolio of work
Professor Ronald Barnett
Professor Ronald Barnett (site by 1-2-1 PC & Web Services)

Island Farm Studio
Island Farm Studio

Richard Mayo Centre
RMC website (site by 1-2-1 PC & Web Services)

Singers & Songs
Singers & Songs website (site by 1-2-1 PC & Web Services)

James Mason (Musician)
James Mason's website (site by 1-2-1 PC & Web Services)

Dr. Rob Willson
Dr. Willson's website (site by 1-2-1 PC & Web Services)