Help! PC Support

PC Support for all customers, ‘silver surfers’ most welcome!

In these COVID-19 times, I provide remote support, often using Microsoft-specific consoles and technology to repair your PC remotely, where possible. I operate a ‘no fix, no fee‘ policy and the charge is £25 per hour.

The process is straightforward –

  • Diagnose the fault
  • Suggest an appropriate fix
  • Implement solution(s), depending on complexity.

Working mainly with Microsoft Windows 10 (though I have used DOS, Linux, Win 3.0 to Win 7 and Mac), I can provide upgrades and performance enhancements as required and will suggest what you need as we go along. Additionally, I work with hardware and peripherals so can easily upgrade your desktop or laptop to a newer Solid State Drive, increase memory or RAM and related tools.

I provide PC Support for my church and other many private individuals, references are available upon request.

Contact for PC Support

Types of Support Provided


  • Where to start …

  • Updating your computer

  • Microsoft Windows 10

  • General fixes

  • Basic tuition and walk-through of issues


  • Troubleshooting

  • Data Recovery/Backups

  • Remote & On-site support

  • Solid State Drives & Upgrades

  • Configuring updates and fixing errors