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Migrating a website

Want to know how to migrate your website to a different server or host?

Unsure how to migrate your WordPress website to a different location or host? What steps are required and how to ensure everything goes across? Read the following article which explains in simple steps, how to achieve this effortlessly, using a plugin or manually for the FTP fans…

Migrating Websites

Working with Domains

Need to re-point your domain now you’ve moved your site?

OK, so you’ve migrated your site but your domain is still on your old host or pointing to your old site – please read this simple guide to help you understand how to re-point your domain, move to a new host if required and see if it has propagated properly yet…

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PC Support Guides

A library of some more common PC Troubleshooting guides

I’ve put together a series of mini guides on various aspects of troubleshooting your PC/laptop. This will help you to diagnose faults and perform quick fixes so that you will get your computer fully operational in a few minutes. This series will be added to over time and if you want any specific help or guides, please contact me and suggest an article…

– Coming Soon –

Working with me

So, if you have a web project – what’s it like working with me?

This article will hopefully give you some insight into what it is like working with me – from simple online PC Support fixes to full-blown web projects. My experience in the IT industry has always meant I have strong ‘Customer First’ attitiude and adopt this approch whenever working with a client. I think you will enjoy the process and I will enjoy working with you to get what you want of the ground and ready to go…

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