Dr Rob Willson

The Brief

Dr Willson had an existing website which he wasn’t happy with – the design wasn’t ideal and the provider was unavailable. He wanted a simple site, designed and maintained in WordPress. The site would link to various publications and have a live Twitter feed. Additionally, the site and domain needed a new host and he wanted an agreement whereby the site would be changed ad hoc, when required.

Going Forward …

I spoke with Dr Willson, managed to contact the existing provider, got the details of the domain and hosting changed to me, re-designed the site, but keeping within the same general look and feel of the existing site, as that is what Dr Willson required. I charge him a retainer and do all necessary WordPress updates and maintenance and whenever he needs the site modified, I do so within a day, depending on complexity. I also put in place SSL on the domain and all usual GDPR compliance, as necessary. Dr Willson is happy with the service and his website and has left some feedback about my work.