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Why 1-2-1 PC & Web Services?

My solution will remove all those business-related IT anxieties by delivering a package where all the parts work together to maximum advantage.

With years of experience in IT, Web and Technical Analysis, 1-2-1 can help you to:

  • Develop a web presence.

  • Improve your PC.

  • Get Support for your enterprise.

  • Create solutions that work

BCS Professional Member

PC Support includes:


Remote and on-site support

Virus software and disaster recovery

Software solutions

Hardware solutions


Windows 10 installs/upgrades

Improving the Performance of your PC!

Web Services include:


  • Latest technologies to develop meaningful websites

  • Full support and review at every stage

  • Design, development and updates all done in-house

  • The right ‘mechanics’ to create a performance solution

  • Ongoing support (if desired) once website live

The most important part of any website journey is the user.

Understanding who your target audience is, engaging with them and compelling them to make contact with you. It isn’t about the number of ‘hits’ to a site (although this can be a useful metric), it is about how many emails and actual meaningful contacts you get from the site.

I will assist you in this important part of web development; not just design the site but build it so that you can attract users.

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