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Hello, I’m Stu,

A Croydon-based Techie Aficionado who provides remote support and on-site visits to bring peace and harmony back to your life and business by expertly banishing/getting rid of your computer glitches and technical terrors.


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There’s nothing like a challenge to bring a smile to my face, and whether you need help to get started or to get you back up and running again quickly, I make that happen with minimum fuss.

Keeping your computers and laptops running like clockwork is vital to your wellbeing and your blood pressure.

My promise to you;  No Fix, No Fee!

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Solving your Problem – PC Support & Repairs

I like to think that technology makes the world go round when it works.

And when it doesn’t?

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Let me guess.

  • Your PC or Laptop is freezing, like a fossil trapped in time. That ‘blue screen of death’ is staring right at you.
  • Windows 10 updates make you want to pull your hair out?
  • Poke printer, unplug and turn on again. Repeat. REPEAT! Still, the tiresome piece of kit refuses to grind into action and print.



Behind every stylish, cutting edge website, there is a bland backend.

The thing is it is a highly crucial back end; otherwise, there would be no website.

Are you a website builder or designer stuck on a database, backend coding or a host of others behind the scenes systems?

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“Stu Chandler has been incredibly reliable, is very resourceful and has excellent suggestions as I am not very tech minded. He has offered tech and computer advice in many different ways and sorted out long-term glitches and setups that were very poor. He is straightforward to deal with and always responds promptly when help is needed.”