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If you want a new website, for any reason and are looking for a cost-effective yet professional solution, you’re in the right place. In addition, if you have a website already but want to maintain it, change or update it, I can most certainly help…

I often work with WordPress and a whole variety of related themes and plugins and this means that if you prefer, you can manage and update the site yourself going forward. In addition, I also work with and build custom PHP websites and plugins as required.

The most important part of any website journey is the user. Understanding who your target audience is, engaging with them and compelling them to make contact with you. It isn’t about the number of ‘hits’ to a site (although this can be a useful metric), it is about how many emails and actual meaningful contacts you get from the site. If you’re a small business, looking to establish or update/maintain an online presence, I can help. If you’re an individual with a blog, I can help.

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I come to you – we discuss what you’re looking for, who your intended audience is and I build a prototype site to your specifications. Once you are fully happy, we discuss when you want to go live and make it so. I work with you all the way along, so that any changes can be quickly adopted and so that you are fully happy with the end result. After launch, the site is fully yours – if you want me to host it, I can and if you want to maintain it, no problem. The choices are all yours.

Social media is very important these days as well and it is about achieving the right balance between social media, bespoke website and you. Google Rankings are very important as this is how new web users will invariably find you.

Pricing and timings depend on the required complexity of your site – please get in touch and we can discuss.


About Me

Hi, who am I and what are my skills? What is my biography?

I graduated from Manchester Met University with a Business IT Honours degree in 1999 and worked for Mercer HR Consulting for four years as a technical analyst helping to develop and deploy the UK component of Mercer’s global intranet and training users and administrators in its everyday use in their business processes. I also worked on various customer facing websites and document management systems.

Following this, I worked for NDS as a technical consultant and then Fidelity International, the NHS and Retail Decisions and then, as a career break, I spent eight years working for the Richard Mayo Centre in building operations. I left in April 2017, when I was Operations Manager, to start my own PC support and website design business. I’m an active member of my local church and work for several charities, including as webmaster of a mental health charity which helps BDD sufferers. I also work with Holly of ‘This Demanding Life‘ to help with technical issues; she is the social media guru who encouraged me to start on my own in the first place! Thanks Holly!

My broad mix of skills include user training in PC use, website and technical design and various PC support skills which I gained while working at the church. I decided that I really wanted to follow my heart and set up my own IT business in both website design and PC support, so here we are!

If you are looking for help with your PC, tablet or if you are a small business or individual looking to establish or maintain a presence online, I can help.

I hope to hear from you soon!

StuI'm a Professional member of the BCS (MBCS)

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