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PC Support services
PC Support offered includes:

Remote and on-site support

Virus software and disaster recovery

Diagnosis of issues and how to solve them

Software problems

Hardware problems

Peripherals and implementation including updating drivers

PC and printer set-up/issues

Windows 10 installs and back-up

PC bespoke builds

Patches and updates

Basic PC Tuition

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Why 1-2-1 PC & Web Services?

Hi, who am I and what are my skills? What is my biography?

I graduated from Manchester Met University with a Business IT Honours degree in 1999 and worked for Mercer HR Consulting for four years as a technical analyst helping to develop and deploy the UK component of Mercer’s global intranet and training users and administrators in its everyday use in their business processes. I also worked on various customer facing websites and document management systems.

Following this, I worked for NDS as a technical consultant and then Fidelity International, the NHS and Retail Decisions and then, as a career break, I spent eight years working for the Richard Mayo Centre in building operations. I left in April 2017, when I was Operations Manager, to start my own PC support and website design business. I’m an active member of my local church and work for several charities, including as webmaster of a mental health charity called The BDD Foundation. I also work with Holly of ‘This Demanding Life‘ to help with technical issues; she is the social media guru who encouraged me to start on my own in the first place. When I’m not working on the business, I supplement my income as a Data Analyst/IT Consultant with the NHS.

I am skilled in

  • PC Support
  • User PC tuition
  • Website development & technical design

If you are looking for help with your PC or looking to establish or maintain a presence online, I can help.

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